Final Harvest!

You Are What You Eat, And We Eat Post-Consumer

You are cordially invited to the ritziest, most upscale celebration of Urban Detritivors on the tubes, Dumpster Afictionado*!  The internet is awash with food blogs, but there are few culinary experiences as rewarding as the extemporaneousness of a dumpster/roadkill diet.

WE are a small collective of freegans in Southern California who can’t help but brag a little bit about our latest harvest. We are all privileged enough to do so by choice rather than out of necessity, but nonetheless find that whether or not noshing on trash is is a powerful political statement, it’s a better (and cheaper!) way of living!

YOU are a bemused but kindly veteran freegan of fine taste and character OR a curious but open-minded pilgrim in the grand, scintillating practice of transforming garbage into ourbage OR Hakim Bey (maybe? maybe? please?) OR a hater with a satchel of false ethical dichotomies, and we love you all!

So now that the players are in place, here’s the dig:

  1. WE score majorly on some garbage vittle and shamelessly pump our fists on camera
  2. WE make delicious meals, and post pictures along with a breakdown of the freegan/purchased ingredients.
  3. YOU tell us how awesome/disgusting/privileged we are and how awesome/awesome/awesome our meals look.

We would be delighted if you would join us for dinner — it’s gonna be one hell of a gala, and this one’s on us.

* not to be confused with our comrades in jackassery, Cigar Aficionado

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