Dumpster Aficionado: Back To School Edition

Three of us from Dumpster Aficionado were featured on a panel at UCSD entitled “What’s The Freegan Point” with Professor Milton Saier. It was a huge success; we actually had to move to a larger room to accommodate everyone! To my admittedly limited knowledge, it was the only panel on dumpster diving ever given to a group of bioengineering students in the history of food. Thanks to the UCSD Student Sustainability Collective for hosting the event and inviting us! And thanks to the Panda Express in the Price Center for serving food that is so gross and processed that all of your customers get upset stomachs and throw their food away. Freegan students here must eat like KINGS, albeit kings with chronically upset tummies.

Diarrhea Time


About Dumpster Aficionado

Just because you chow down on dumpster food doesn't mean you need to eat TRASH. Dumpster Aficionado is the Brag Rag of a small Southern Californian housing collective that wants to boast about our awesome D-hauls, show off the amazing meals we make, and introduce you to a culinary world you never knew existed.
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