Aaaaaand We’re (almost) Back!

So Uhh, This Is A Little Awkward…

Didja miss us? The camera went MIA after the last post, so updates are going to be coming a bit more infrequently until we can find it. In the meantime, I found a picture of the Okra we found in the Whole Foods dumpster. There are two ways I eat okra: fried in a voluptuously fatty vegan corn batter, or pickled. This okra was definitely on it’s way out, so we chose the latter option.

Okra naturally contants a thick, snotty fluid (fittingly called ‘mucilage’) that, while extraordinarily healthy, turns a lot of people off to this wonderful southern vegetable. Pickling is a good strategy for okra in part because it can help distract people from the mucilage; the flavor is definitely sparkier, and people generally expect their pickles to be at least a LITTLE slimy anyway. Usually I don’t use any brine — just vinegar and spices — but this time we were hoping to draw the fermentation process a bit longer, so we tried using both. That was a week and a half ago, and while it isn’t ready, we couldn’t help but sample a bit… and so far so good!

In the meantime, we’ve been eating well down here on the trash farm. Dinners have consisted of chicken bakes, liver ‘n onions, baked potatoes, and the tastiest kohlrabi-squash  casserole in this history of kohlrabi-squash casseroles. More yummy dumpster meals to come, so hang tight!


About Dumpster Aficionado

Just because you chow down on dumpster food doesn't mean you need to eat TRASH. Dumpster Aficionado is the Brag Rag of a small Southern Californian housing collective that wants to boast about our awesome D-hauls, show off the amazing meals we make, and introduce you to a culinary world you never knew existed.
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