Invasion Never Tasted So Savory

Plan 9 From Chowder Space

The artichokes in tonight’s dinner look more like they had just crawled out of  a flying saucer than a dumpster, but nay, they come courtesy of the unwittingly wasteful darlings of VONS. Thanks for the space grub, morons! As with all soul-stealing pod aliens, large artichokes are best when steamed, with the tops chopped off to make sure that nobody gets poked by the spines. We didn’t have a steamer basket (though it probably would have heightened the Body Snatchers aura) so to avoid waterlogging the artichokes we used onion slices as stepping stones above the waterline on the floor of the pot. Served with a spiced margarine dip from the Henry’s dumpster. Eat it up, Scotty!


About Dumpster Aficionado

Just because you chow down on dumpster food doesn't mean you need to eat TRASH. Dumpster Aficionado is the Brag Rag of a small Southern Californian housing collective that wants to boast about our awesome D-hauls, show off the amazing meals we make, and introduce you to a culinary world you never knew existed.
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